DWI? The Penalties are Just the Start.

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In most counties across the United States, DWI offenses are among the most frequently prosecuted.  DWI Travis County cases are no exception.  If it is not handled correctly, a DWI can cause serious damage to your future long after the case has been closed.  There are many penalties for a DWI, and they are not all manifest symptoms.  In addition to the punishments for DWI that we are all familiar with, there are many unlisted effects that may occur which will negatively affect the future of someone convicted with a DWI.

Texas is VERY strict with DWI.  You can be arrested for it even if you happen to be sitting in the driver’s seat in a stopped car, if your blood alcohol is too high. If you have been charged with a DWI in Travis County unless you acquire good legal support you may risk hefty fines, loss of mobility (driving privileges) and possibly even jail time, under some circumstances.  You will likely have to go up against a jury of your peers in order to protect your driving privileges.  In cases such as these, acquiring aggressive legal representation is a must.

In many cases there are latent effects of a DWI that continue to cause problems for the perpetrator long after he or she has paid his or her debt to society.  Such penalties may include job loss as a result of the DWI, strained relationships with your friends or your family members, potential loss of your home, inability to find employment, and many more issues.  If you lose your driving privileges in a DWI case, you may risk losing your job if you are required to have a driver’s license for it.  A DWI will appear on a background check, unless you can get it expunged from your record.  This will result in issues such as potential discrimination when looking for jobs, housing, or applying for loans.

Many Employers are conducting background checks on their employees and new hires.  If you are an individual with a DWI on his or her record this could very seriously impact your career.  A DWI arrest or conviction in Travis County could also potentially cause you to lose admission into certain schools or programs or bar you from certain forms of licensure.  Many companies avoid hiring individuals with DWI because of the stigma attached to individuals who are caught with a DWI.  This stigma can be applied in many situations despite how you actually behave at work or in a job interview.  It is imperative, therefore, that individuals facing DWI charges are proactive in getting aggressive legal representation in order to ensure that their futures and livelihoods are not negatively impacted by the DWI.

If you have been arrested for a DWI Travis County offers an experienced attorney who will work diligently to keep your livelihood protected.  Contact Let Betty Blackwell at 512-479-0149 or e-mail us at bettyblackwell@bettyblackwell.com

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