Upgrade Your Facility with New Exam Tables

Health And Fitness

customcomfert.com2Whether you’re relocating your office in the near future or you’re going to be starting from scratch and building your clinic from the ground up, it’s obviously very important to have the right equipment and furniture inside. The medical furniture industry has come quite a long way in the past few years or so, and you can now ensure that your patients are more comfortable than ever thanks to that fact. Exam tables are a crucial element to each and every one of your exam rooms, so when making a choice – be sure to carefully think about what elements are most important to you.

Patient Comfort
Most exam tables are covered in special high-density foam, which sits underneath a layer of colored vinyl. Whether your patient is sitting or laying on the table, they’ll be comfortable and positioned conveniently for their exam. Additionally, you can choose from select tables that feature adjustable backs, making it easy to take a patient from the upright sitting position to the laying position with just a simple adjustment. A solid, sturdy table will ensure that your patient feels safe and secure throughout their entire appointment. It may seem simple, but these small elements can really add up!

Technician Ease
When your medical assistant or technician is working with a patient, it’s very important that your exam tables are working to their benefit. If a table is worn out or old, certain elements may be making their jobs more difficult. Not only is this frustrating for your employee, it may result in an unpleasant experience for the patient, as well. Is the table difficult to adjust or not adjustable at all? Is the vinyl chipping off, creating an unpleasing environment for both the patient and the employee? When you upgrade your practice’s furniture to new, fully functional pieces – you’ll be improving your business as a whole.

Coordinating With Your Theme
Some tables are fully customizable, and you can color coordinate them to match the rest of your office’s décor! Choose from tables with colorful built-in storage drawers right underneath or choose a decorative vinyl to give the exam room a bit more of a kid-friendly look and feel. Whatever your motivation may me for adding that touch of color to your practice, you can feel good knowing it will have a positive impact on both your staff members and the most important element of your business – your patients.