What to Do When Smoke Emanates From Your Car Engine in Gilbert, AZ


You are driving down the road and your vehicle starts acting funny. You are a few miles away from the nearest gas station and hope that you will make it. You then notice that there is smoke or steam coming out of the engine. Of course, you feel nervous. You pull over and hope that the smoke or steam is not an indication of a serious problem. The best bet for getting a good answer on what is going on with your vehicle is talking with professionals in car repair near Gilbert, AZ.

If you call car repair near Gilbert, AZ, professionals because there is smoke or steam coming out of your engine, one of the first things they are going to inquire about is the color of the smoke or steam. If there is white steam, it likely means that the vehicle is just overheating. This is something that you can confirm by looking at your vehicle’s temperature gauge. You may simply need to pull over and let your vehicle cool down before you continue on the journey. This can happen with greater frequency if you are driving up mountains or during a hot part of the day.

Blue smoke is a more serious issue. If you see blue smoke, stop your vehicle immediately and have it towed to a garage. Blue smoke indicates burning oil, which can damage your engine.

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