Learning More about Outpatient Treatment Programs in Birmingham AL for Substance Abuse

Addiction Treatment Center

Sometimes an aggressive and intensive approach is needed with a patient recovering from an addiction problem. If you are taking part in an extended recovery program, you need to know some of the features of this type of rehabilitation.

Intensive Treatment Programs

For example, intensive outpatient treatment programs in Birmingham AL is offered three hours daily, three days per week for working individuals or people who have limited time schedules. These programs are indeed intensive as they cover subjects such as anger management, stress reduction, relapse prevention, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT).

When you can take time to take part in outpatient treatment programs of this kind, you can go on with your life more positively. For instance, CBT, which is covered in programs of this type, covers a number of mental health issues including substance abuse, eating disorders, depression, or anxiety.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

If you take part in CBT therapy in one of the intensive outpatient treatment programs, you can take care of your substance abuse issues as well as any problems you are having with depression. Because depression and substance abuse generally happen simultaneously, it is good to know that you can undergo treatment that will help you recover and feel more positive.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

DBT, or dialectical behavioral therapy, on the other hand, is simply a modified version of cognitive behavioral therapy. Other aspects are included, such as mindfulness, tolerance, and acceptance. This type of treatment is useful for treating patients with borderline personality disorder.

Who to Contact About a Substance Abuse Issue

If you want to know more about outpatient treatments, you can find out information through a facility such as Royal Pines Recovery Center. Once you learn more about the treatment programs, give the site a call and discuss your counseling needs. The time to begin anew is now. Give a Substance Abuse Program Near Birmingham AL facility a call today.