What To Consider When Shopping For Fristam Pumps

by | May 5, 2017 | Industrial Goods and Services

Fristam is a manufacture of centrifugal pumps and twin screw pumps that are used throughout the sanitary industry. Whether it for the production of food or beverages or in pharmaceutical applications, you will find Fristam Pumps in both large and small facilities and production companies.

There are several reasons why these pumps have become a standard in this very demanding industry. First, the company focuses only on these industries and specializes in the design and manufacturing of pumps and blenders. It has a long history of over a hundred years of providing cutting edge technology, first in the dairy industry and then branching out to include processing industries as well.

Design Differences

Each of the Fristam Pumps on the market is designed to have a minimal number of parts that are potential weak links in the pump’s life cycle and performance. This is designed to have very limited needs for maintenance and replacement and to also have a longer life cycle than other similar types of pumps on the market.

Model Selection

Making a choice between the different Fristam Pumps on the market starts with taking a very close look at your needs and requirements. The company offers a standard and heavy duty model of centrifugal pump, both which are designed for specific applications.

The heavy duty model is recommended for high-temperature liquids; vacuum withdrawal needs from evaporators or for the more viscous or mixed viscosity types of processing.

The company also offers a self-priming pump. The unique design of this pump is ideal when the air is entrained within the product. It is also ideal when Clean In Place processes are used, and there is the need for full evacuation of the system during the process. This is also the pump recommended for shear sensitive types of materials such as many dairy products as well as eggs and yeast.

It is a good idea to compare the different options in pumps from Fristam before making a decision. Authorized distributors can be helpful in evaluating your needs and matching your processing needs to the best pump for the job.

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