4 Factors to Note Before Choosing a Senior Housing Type

Assisted Living

If you’re like any other adult child looking for the right housing for your elderly parents, then you’re bound to run into a few problems and challenges. Before you pick a senior housing type in Cleveland East OH, here are some of the factors you’ll need to consider:


How far is it from the rest of the family? If your parents live a good distance away from you, it might be prudent to move them to a facility that’s closer to your home or work. That’s practical and convenient for the long term, instead of having to hop on a plane every time you need to see them. Not sure where to start looking? A credible referral placement service company like Oasis Senior Advisors – Cleveland East can provide you with a ready list of prospective homes in the area.


What kind of amenities do your parents need? Look at the amenities each of those options offer and weight the pros and cons of going for each one. Are there recreational places nearby where residents could relax, take a stroll or enjoy themselves? How long is the travel time to the nearest hospital?


If your parents have enough savings set aside, talk to them about their budget and what they want from a retirement home. Their budget will help determine which options are open and available to them, says Frugal Rules. If they don’t have a retirement fund set aside, talking about this early on is crucial. That way, you’ll know enough to save up and prepare for those costs if you’re going to end up taking on those responsibilities down the road.


Staff members are going to spend more time with your parents than the doctors would. Get to know them. If there’s anything that’s off, shifty or untrustworthy about them, that’s a good enough reason to get your parents into a different senior housing facility in Cleveland East OH. You can also like their Facebook page for more information.