The walls of commercial, industrial and residential buildings are often equipped with one or more slatwall track. These tracks are used in the displaying of a wide variety of items off the building floor. The items may be all the same, such as a merchandise display in a retail store like shoes. In some cases, the items on display can be different sizes, shapes, types and weights, such as tools in a workshop or garage like hand tools and gardening tools.

A slatwall track is made of plastic, metal alloy or metal. The extrusion process is used to form the hardware. In general, the tracks are secured to the building structure, including both permanent as well as temporary walls. The walls may be covered with wallboard, but not in every instance. Screws are used to attach the track directly to the wall, either to the existing frame or the studs used for holding the wallboard.

Provide a Neat, Clean Environment

In many cases, the track interlocks with lower and upper tracks that are similar. Often times, there will be a space left between the tracks. When this is the case, the spacing will have to be uniform in order to provide a surface that is both level and pleasing to the eye.

When a slatwall track is mounted to the wall of a garage or workroom. The primary goal is to create a more pleasant and appealing environment. In general, the option is limited to using wallboard that typically will need to be painted.

In the event that a slatwall display is on more than just a single adjoining wall, it is best to begin the process in a corner and then work your way out from there. In addition, you will need to take into account any obstacles, such as doors, windows and other fixates prior to installing your slatwalls. The panels can be cut to the right size with the use of the saws.

Once the slatwall panels have been completely install, you will be able to add any accessories or fixtures that you like to the t-slots and enjoy. A slatwall track is incredibly simple to install. The best part is that this is a display that is going to last for many years. Therefore, the installation is well worth any time and money that is spent to install the slatwall of your choice.