Luxury apartments with parking in Midtown East are not that easy to come by. You can find apartments that are marketed as luxury apartments but the definition of luxury may not especially meet your definition or by far the definition of most. It is a challenge to find a building that is truly luxurious with all the little perks and that offers private parking. Of course private parking is part of the whole luxury package but again the definition can vary depending on who you are talking too.

Why Is Parking Important?

A lot of people may not consider the importance of parking when you can just have a car and a driver take you around town. Parking is not really something that you may need for your everyday but if you want to have your own personal transportation to travel than parking becomes something that can be a deal breaker if you can’t have it.

Parking is important because it is just part of the luxury lifestyle. As part of your luxury lifestyles you want to call your own shots and having private parking is just one of the things that you should have!

It’s a Package

Parking should be part of the package. You should be able to:

  • Have amazing amenities like a full service gym, billiards room, lounge area, club area, impeccable styling
  • Dining room, guest suites that you can book, concierge service that really outdoes itself
  • Amazing residences that are nicely appointed with all the finest materials and an eye on the details

Parking is only a part of the package at 252E57th Street. You can have all the amenities that you deserve and more, including easy access private parking. You can have luxury and function all wrapped into one offering!