How To Source Car Parts

by | Sep 2, 2016 | Automotive

Vehicle owners that make a quick call to the dealership where they originally bought the car are often shocked at the price of replacement parts. If you think about it, high priced OEM car parts in Chicago makes sense, neither the vehicle manufacturer or the dealer make a great deal of money off the sale so they augment their revenue with high priced parts and labor.

With a little bit of work it is easy to get the parts you need at a price that you are comfortable paying.

Research: There are numerous alternative sources for car parts in Chicago. A great depends on what parts you need, if the part is something that is doesn’t have to stand up to wear and tear; perhaps a replacement tail light, then an auto wreckers is ideal. If, on the other hand the part is actually a critical component then you will want to deal with a supplier of aftermarket parts or better yet, a parts wholesaler.

Verification: This is when you can rely on the dealer; call them to confirm the specific OEM part number that you need. There are certain parts that unique to specific assemblies such as an engine. It only takes one quick call to ensure that you buy the correct part from an alternative source.

Haggling is fine, within reason: Local auto parts suppliers will often match the price offered by their local competitors; however, there are a couple of caveats to this.

Compare apples with apples. Don’t think for one minute that a local wholesale parts distributor will match the price of an engine that has been overhauled with one from a junk yard that has 200 thousand miles on it.

Be honest, everybody that sells car parts in Chicago has access to the same information so don’t try to put one over on anybody.

If you are rebuilding a car many people will opt for a “parts car.” In many cases you can buy a donor vehicle that will have a lot of the parts you need rather than source every part independently.

There are numerous sources for car parts in Chicago. Some, like dealerships are far too expensive while others, such as junk yards may be too risky to use. You can solve all your problems by buying from Aero Auto Parts.

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