The Complexities Of Applying For Disability Benefits


Are you living with a physical or mental disability? Social Security may be able to step in and help you support yourself and your family. There are millions of people that are thankful that such assistance is available.

The issue is not necessarily the availability of assistance, often people shy away from applying as the application process is actually very difficult, especially for people that are disabled. Many of these people may not know that they can hire a disability attorney in Chicago to help with the claim and any subsequent issues.

Hiring a disability lawyer:

It is important to understand that the law is very diverse, with this being the case there is no one attorney that can honestly deal with every aspect. There are lawyers that focus exclusively on real estate transactions for example or only defend people that have been accused of committing a crime. The same holds true for Social Security, as the rules, regulations and laws that govern it are complex, when you are in this position you will want to hire a disability lawyer in Chicago that specializes in this area.

The potential problems:

Many claims for Social Security disability benefits are denied. Statistically about two thirds of all applications are denied. It is when your application is denied that a disability lawyer can really shine.

Trying to work through the bureaucracy can be an absolute nightmare for anyone other than a seasoned attorney that deals with the SSA on a regular basis. These attorneys know how to put forward your case in the best light, they know what documents are required and they know when they are required. It is absolutely essential that any data to support your claim be complete, concise and submitted in a timely manner.

A disability attorney in Chicago is an indispensible ally when you are disabled and applying for Social Security benefits. You are invited to contact The Law Offices of Rabin, Kodner & Brown, Ltd for a free evaluation of your case and also like us on Facebook.