The Precision Die Cutting Process


When you need the application of precision die cutting services, a quality shop die cutting shop will utilize a variety of punch presses, including flywheel, mechanical and hydraulic to ensure your job gets done and gets done right. Such a shop may use Steel Rule, Compound, Progressive and Precision Steel dies which have a work area as large as 500mm x 1000mm. An automatic production feed will guarantee that your project is created in the most economical and efficient way possible.

Die Cutting
Die cutting is a manufacturing process that is used to create a tool, the die, that in turn is used to cut or create shapes using a press. Die cutting is a skilled craft and requires precision and excellent attention to detail. Manufacturers may use various flywheel, mechanical and hydraulic presses to create the shapes for projects from various dies. A quality provider will work with you to determine the most efficient process to use for your project.

Compound Die Cutting
Compound die cutting is a process that uses a removable punch and die. In the punching process, the punch is attached to a ram that moves up and down forcing its way through the material and into the die. This is what is meant as a compound cutting – the punch and the die form a hole in the work piece when they are pressed together.

Steel Rule Die Cutting
Steel Rule is another technique for precision die cutting. In this method, a steel rule is bent and formed to your specifications. It is then used to cut and stamp out parts and components from the material needed.

Precision die cutting services requires the application of skill and the proper machinery to carry out the process with precision and accuracy. When you need this important service done, consider hiring a manufacturer with a significant depth of experience in the industry. Take note of the company’s past experience, its service capabilities and any past work that it has completed for past and existing customers. Regardless of your die cutting application, the right manufacturer can deliver the results you need.