The world of today is living in the future. These days, there are few people who even remember what life was like before everyone was plugged into the Internet. Therefore, many people take for granted the many things that have improved since it was conceived.

In as little as a decade ago, fundraising success was depended on the amount of people that showed up for a yard sale. However, by harnessing the power of the Internet, online fundraising has made the process of raising money for various causes easier than ever.

Although this type of fundraising has already become the new standard for raising money, best part is that this is only the beginning. With technology becoming more and more sophisticated with increase data transfer speeds, improved sharing capabilities and people around the world continuing to adopt the Internet, the future of fundraising has never been brighter.

Access Donations Easily with Minimal Fees

Many people simply do not realize just how little of the donations that they make actually make it to the cause through the traditional methods of fundraising. Recent studies have discovered that less than 20% of each donation actually goes toward keeping the charity going.

Fortunately, online fundraising drastically lowers the percentage of fund that go toward the direct furtherance of the mission. Only a small one-time fee is charged and more of the money raised will actually make it all the way to the beneficiary.

Expanded Reach

Combining online fundraising with social sharing is huge. With fundraising pages that are compatible with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, the user is able to cast a much wider net and effectively increase the number of potential donors.

24/7 Access

The Internet has quite a hold on people these days, which means that a larger part of the population has grown accustomed to being plugged in at all times. Fundraiser organizers have begun to keep up with their campaigns 24/7. For those that are recovering from medical hardships, access to a growing donation count and encouraging comments provides them with the hope that they need in order to continue the fight.

Share Your Story

Boring fundraisers are a thing of the past. Multimedia is the reigning king of today and online fundraising websites have taken notice. Users have the ability to post to their fundraising pages and let their personalities shine.