What are Different Types of Vacuum Systems?

Vacuum Pumps

Although you may not be a company that manufactures vacuum systems, it is good to know about the different types and functions of vacuum systems. If you own a manufacturing business, it is important that you know about any requirements for industrial vacuum systems for your business.

Different Types

The various types of vacuums often depend on how they will be used. The different types include the upright, canister, drum type, wet/dry vacuums, pneumatic, backpack, handheld, robotic, cyclonic, and central vacuum cleaning systems. Upright, canister, the cyclonic variant of these, plus handheld are most often seen in use in homes for daily cleaning chores. Drum type and the variant wet/dry vacuums are also used in homes, but are most often used in the garage for cleaning up larger messes than normal household dirt. Central vacuum cleaning systems are also used in homes and have ‘outlets’ throughout the home or business that activate the vacuum when a hose is connected to the outlet. There are also more heavy duty industrial vacuums for manufacturing facilities.

Types of Industrial Vacuums

Industrial vacuum systems are used for big facilities, like factories and other facilities. They are special vacuum systems with special heavy duty features unlike the type used for normal household chores. They are made especially for eliminating industrial waste dust such as sugar, flour, metallic dust and other particles that get into the air as a product of manufacturing.

Where to Find Industrial Vacuums

Find a company that has been providing excellent industrial vacuums to the manufacturing industry since many years and they have been trusted as a provider for equipment such as the special industrial vacuum systems and surface preparation equipment. They will also be able to assist you in choosing the right vacuum system for you.