What to Do When You See a Cooking Fire

by | Dec 27, 2016 | Industrial Supply

The National Fire Protection Association declares that the major cause of home fires and injuries are due to cooking in the kitchen, particularly when cooking food is left unattended. It is essential that you have a class K fire extinguisher available in case of emergencies, but what should you do if a fire breaks out in your kitchen?

Stay in The Kitchen When You’re Cooking

While this appears as an obvious statement, should you see a fire begin when you are in the kitchen you can use your class K fire extinguisher, containing a potassium acetate-based agent, as a great starter for putting out fires connecting cooking fats and oils. When you catch the fire at the beginning, they are much easier to put out, before they reach out of control.

This advice to stay in the kitchen when you are cooking applies whether you are frying, grilling, or boiling food. Even if you are baking or roasting food you should remain close by and check the area regularly.

You may wish to keep oven mitts, food packaging or other items like wooden utensils near to you, as you cook. The should be kept away from any cooking area as they could catch fire, without a moment’s notice.

Using Your Fire Extinguisher

You should only attempt to put a fire out if you have been trained and understand how to use the class K fire extinguisher. Should the fire fall out of control, it’s time to leave the building, urgently calling your fire department as you leave.

Whenever you are cooking, it is good practice to keep a lid close to hand so that you can smother the fire if the opportunity allows it.
While fighting the fire, consider the other individuals within your property. You should help them evacuate in case the fire becomes worse.

Learn about the appropriate use of a fire extinguisher because using the wrong type of class fire extinguisher can make matters worse, not solve your problem.

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