No Ordinary Vacuum

Vacuum Pumps

If you run an industrial facility, yours is no ordinary building, and doesn’t contain ordinary dirt. Industrial operations generally produce lots of dust and grime, and sometimes smoke and soot, as well. This extraordinary dirt requires extraordinary equipment to ensure your building stays clean.

To ensure the appropriate level of cleanliness, choose an industrial vacuum cleaner. Industrial vacuums can pick up more dirt than traditional vacuums, and offer a more robust filtration system. This ensures that your facility is clean the first time around, no matter how dirty it gets. Industrial vacuum cleaners can handle additional types of debris, as well, such as ash, soot and allergens, like pollen.

The filtration system in industrial vacuums is superior, as well. These vacuums can remove far more dust and allergen from the air during vacuuming than a traditional vacuum. So, as you vacuum the floor, you’re helping to get the air clean, as well. This makes your facility healthier, especially for employees who suffer from allergies. Industrial filters trap dirt and allergens inside better than traditional filters, too.

For added convenience, choose a central industrial vacuum cleaner. Industrial central systems have outlets located throughout the facility, allowing you to plug into the system in many different locations. As you vacuum, the dirt is contained in a central receptacle. There are also central vacuum systems that automatically open vents that suck dirt right off the floor and out of the air on a regular basis.

Talk with an industrial vacuum cleaner dealer to determine the right system for your facility. There are many options from which you can choose.

Whether you choose a regular industrial vacuum system or central system, you can rest assured you’re doing everything possible to keep your facility clean. Your employees and visitors will certainly thank you for that.