We Offer Mirrors For Several Purposes

Glass & Window Repair

Whether you are adding a new bathroom to your home or making renovations to your existing master suite, the mirrors can make a big difference in the finished look. Our company offers elegant mirrors in Chicago to coordinate with your guest or master bath. We work with you to create the look that you want in this part of your home.

We offer mirrors for several purposes. Perhaps you would like a large, mirror to fit above your expansive bathroom vanity. Our technicians will come by, take the measurements and create a customized piece for your home. Maybe you want something that is unique and befitting of your luxurious bathroom. We offer custom mirror shapes that will bring your space together in a way that you only imagined.

If your bathroom includes a dressing area, we can install mirrors that provide you with multiple angles for viewing yourself. Our mirrors help to ensure that you look put-together and that nothing is out of place when you arrive at work or a special event. We install mirrors in a variety of configurations. We can even install mirrors on your bathroom ceiling.

Many homeowners enjoy a walk-in closet that is situated next to the bathroom. We also make mirrors for those spaces. Perhaps you would like one for getting your shoes on and off so that you can see if there is any dirt left on your shoes. Maybe you need a specialty mirror for dental care, shaving or putting on your makeup. We install all types of mirrors in any place that you have in mind.

We look forward to helping you add beauty and functionality to your home’s bathrooms. To have your mirrors in Chicago fixed, call us at Lakeview Glass Inc. or visit our website.