Just attending a trade show isn’t enough– it’s crucial to draw traffic to your booth and brand. Here are some tips to get you started.

Make a Striking Visual Impression

A visually bland booth won’t grab the interest of the passerby. You’ll want to go big with presentation and hire consultants for your booth design. When it comes to Nimlok trade show exhibits, for example, the difference is striking. Almost every aspect of your booth can be customized to tell your brand’s story and create an interactive, immersive space. Nimlok trade show exhibits can also include customized architectural elements and lighting.

Choose the Right Staff

An unenthused and uninviting staff can cause interest in your booth to dwindle. Visitors will surely pass you by if all they see are a bunch of bored staff sitting around. Make sure you choose your best salespersons and train them properly on how you want your brand represented at the trade show. Prepare some scripts and pitches and create a friendly–but no-pressure–atmosphere. Make sure your staff doesn’t go overboard and overwhelm visitors with pushy advances.

Use Those Hashtags

Use social media to your advantage and make yourself known on trade show hashtags. Post about your trade show experience thus far, create shareable content and invite visitors to interact with your social media profiles.

Be Smart About Branded Freebies

Everyone loves swag. But be sure that any freebies you give out are useful to the recipient, says Business2Community. Simple stress balls and pens are a dime a dozen, and trade show visitors will wind up with a bag full of forgettable items by the day’s end. Coming up with a unique, creative, and useful item is beneficial to business and keeps your brand memorable. And most importantly, having eye-catching products carried around by your visitors will inspire curiosity in others and bring more traffic to your booth.