The Basics Of E-Scoop Glasses

Eye Doctors

There are many different stages of low vision with AMD, with different patients requiring different types of devices to assist with vision. For patients with vision loss more significant than can be treated with standard glasses, E-Scoop glasses can provide the ideal solution.

The choice of this option in low vision device options is seen to create a middle step type of device between the highest standard eyeglass prescription and the head borne telescopes for significant additional vision support.

They are smaller than the head born telescopes and look very similar to traditional eyeglasses, making them lightweight and comfortable to wear for daily activities, driving or even working outdoors in bright light.

How They Work

There are five different components of the E-Scoop glasses which all work together to allow patients to see a crisper, clearer image. The lens has a custom tint, a specialized thickness, a base up prism, base curve and a special anti-reflective coating.

The result of these components working together is the ability to improve image enhancement while also shifting the image to a healthier part of the macula. This will increase vision for the patient, often without the need for any other devices. They may be the only low vision devices a patient needs to be able to enjoy a normal, active life without restriction due to low vision.

The E-Scoop glasses can be created as glasses, looking very similar to any prescription. They can also be designed as a clip-on, which is ideal when the glasses are needed for driving or being able to see in the distance.

Each of these glasses has to be custom designed for the patient. The five components can be altered to personalize the glasses or clip-ons, so each of the products ordered is completely unique to the patient.