Using The Correct Plumbers Snake Is Important


With the number of drains that are in a typical home it is no surprise that sooner or later one or another of them will clog. Depending on how bad the clog is you may have to call the plumber in Cumming, GA to do the job or it might be something that any homeowner can tackle. It is fair to say that if you have reached the point where you are going to use a plumbers snake then plunging must have failed because this is usually the first thing that anyone tries.

Because every drain is designed a little differently, if a snake is going to be used it must be the right type. You can easily damage the finish on the fixture or the piping if the wrong snake is used. If you plan on doing the job yourself with a rented snake tell the employee at the tool rental shop what you will be doing and where the snake will enter the drain, you will be given the correct snake.

Any plumber knows the drain that gets clogged most often is the toilet. If the clog is close to the outlet that leads to the drain pipe then it is suggested that a toilet auger is the best tool to use. The auger can be easily pushed into the drain without doing any damage to the porcelain finish.

When snaking a shower, plumbers will use a snake with a ¼” cable. The shower drain is normally 2″ in diameter so a small diameter snake about 25 feet long is a good choice. Shower clogs are normally caused by hair and soap scum and are easy to move once the snake reaches the clogged area.

Snaking a bathtub is different than snaking a shower as the snake must be put into the drain through the tub overflow. Before you go to the work of snaking this drain make sure it is not just hair that has become tangled up in the drain cover. If the drain cover is clean then the clog is further up the drain. A small diameter snake, about ¼” diameter must be used and anything larger will have a difficult time negotiating the trap which is located under the bathtub.

When the drain from the washing machine stops up a plumber in Cumming, GA will bring the snake through the clean-out which is always located near the machine. If the clog is in the trap or the standpipe a small snake will suffice, however if the clog is farther down the drain the plumber may need the use a mini-rooter with 3/8″ cable and has up to 75 feet of cable.

If any of the drains in your home get seriously clogged chances are you will need to call a plumber in Cumming, GA with the right equipment to remove the clog and not do any damage. You are invited to contact Fortune Plumbing for drain cleaning and other services.