Your Questions Answered About Choosing Walkers In Mystic CT


If you or a family member needs to use a walker for help with mobility, you may have questions about choosing one. Below you’ll learn about the different types of walkers and how to select one when you visit a company that sells Walkers in Mystic CT.

Q.) What are the different types of walkers available?

A.) There are different types of walkers that you can choose from depending on your needs. If you need a walker to help you keep your balance while walking, you should choose a standard walker that doesn’t have wheels. If you have a walker with two wheels, you can place your weight on the front of the walker as you push it. A walker that has four wheels will allow you to walk more quickly, but you should only use this type if you don’t have balance issues.

Q.) What is the proper height for a walker?

A.) The height of your walker is adjusted according to your own height. While using your walker, there shouldn’t be any stress to your back, shoulders or arms. As your hands rest on the grips, they should be at a bend of 15 degrees. Test the height of the walker by standing inside of it and placing your arms naturally down to your sides. If the top of your walker lines up with the inside of your wrist, it’s at the proper height.

Q.) Is there a correct way to walk with a walker?

A.) To avoid injuring your back or falling while in the walker, stand straight as you move with the walker. If you lean as you walk, this will cause your back to become sore. Place your feet in the walker as you walk and don’t walk behind it. Keep the walker at a safe distance in front of you and don’t push it out too far where it’s hard to reach. If you have any more questions about selecting a walker, speak to a representative at a pharmacy that specializes in Walkers in Mystic CT.

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