Braces Will Assure You Of Perfectly Straight Teeth


There is no way to avoid it, first impressions really do count and one of the first things that others notice and remember about you is your smile. Everyone wishes to make a good first impression; it is one of the important factors in confidence building, not only at their place of employment but with their personal lives as well. If your teeth are not what you want them to be then perhaps the solution is fitting braces in Findlay, OH; the process is virtually painless and you are guaranteed of perfectly straight teeth which lead to a winning smile.

Not everyone is born with perfectly straight teeth and a perfect bite. Braces are commonly used to align the teeth and ensuring correct spacing between them. Braces will also correct an over or under bite situation which often is the cause of eating difficulties. Not only do irregular, misaligned teeth look bad they put the teeth and gums under considerable pressure which often results in headaches.

What is the process of fitting braces?

There are many people who think that getting braces in Findlay, OH is going to be a painful experience. There is a sensation of pressure as this is what realigns the teeth but it is not painful. Your dentist will explain the entire process in detail giving you an advanced indication of how you will look after the process is completed. As the treatment progresses, you will have to return to the dentist’s office multiple times so that adjustments can be made and to give the dentist the opportunity to ensure the teeth are reacting as planned.

Every four to six weeks the dentist removes the rubber bands and wires; this allows him or her to observe the progress. This is the perfect opportunity to have your teeth cleaned and flossed as this can be difficult when the wires and bands are in place. The dentist reaffixes the bands and wires and you are good for another month or so. When the bands are reaffixed there is a slight sensation of pressure as the teeth begin to move more. Although there is a little discomfort associated with this it does not last long and as you have more and more adjustments made the sensation becomes less.

When you first have braces in Findlay, OH installed your mouth will feel full and awkward. This is to be expected but within a matter of a few days the new wearer will become accustomed to them. The sensation of wearing braces depends very much on the wearer, some people feel a little more discomfort than others but just remember, when the process is finally over you will come out of it with a radiant smile and teeth which are perfectly aligned.

If your teeth are crooked then you should be considering getting braces in Findlay, OH. Jonathan K. Davis DDS is expert at fitting both fixed and removable appliances designed to realign and straighten your teeth, resulting in a perfect smile. Visit to know more.