Understanding How Oral Surgery in York, PA Works


Believe it or not, it is pretty common for a person to need Oral Surgery York PA. Have you ever had your wisdom teeth removed or known someone that had their wisdom teeth removed? That is an example of a commonly performed oral surgery.

When you are scheduled to get an Oral Surgery York PA it is important for you to follow all of your doctors’ orders. For example, if you are told not to take certain kinds of pain killers several days before the surgery you need to follow these orders. They are meant to protect you during the surgery. Depending on what kind of surgery you are having, you may be told not to eat anything a few hours before surgery. This is because certain kinds of anesthesia can make a person nauseous. When they perform oral surgery, they do it in a sterilized room. You throwing up in the room would require them to sterilize the room again before the surgery can be done.

When you arrive at the dental office, it is normal for your dentist to examine you and perform a number of health checkups. There are certain things they are looking for to make sure there are not going to be any issues. For example, if you have a fever they may suggest putting off the surgery until you are feeling better.

After the surgery has been finished your dentist is also going to provide you with instructions on how to care for yourself at home. You are also going to want to make sure you have arranged for someone to take you home, pick up any prescription medication, and look after you for a few hours after the surgery. You are not going to be able to drive right after the surgery and you are going to be too disoriented to get your prescription. However, you are going to be in a lot of pain and you are going to want your medication at the same time. You also want a friend or family member to look over you at your house for a couple hours to make sure you do not have any negative side effects from the surgery or the medication.