Estates Attorney in Sullivan Indiana For a Will or Health Care Proxy


Every adult should meet with an Estate Planning attorney, especially if they have children or own property. Having a properly executed Last Will and Testament for your family to be guided by after you pass away provides peace of mind in that you have set forth how you would like your estate to be distributed. An attorney will spend time with you, going over your options with regard to beneficiaries, how property might be split or shared and ensure that any special items, such as a specific piece of jewelry, is left to the person you want it to.

The attorneys at the Feavel law office focus on this type of work. They are an Estates Attorney Sullivan Indiana law firm. Should you have other legal needs such as civil litigation, personal injury, bankruptcy, family law issues and more, they can be retained to represent you with regard to those matters as well.

When it comes to such important documents like a Will, Living Will or a Health Care Proxy, you need attorneys who are knowledgeable in this area of law and who can counsel you on the right documents for your personal needs. Doctors, courts, and other authorities will not be required to follow your wishes set forth in these documents unless they are properly drafted and then executed by the parties involved. After a brief consultation with the attorney who will assess your particular needs, the documents can be quickly prepared and completed.

Attorneys who do Estate work will also guide family members through the probate process after somebody dies. Ensuring the most recent fully and properly executed Will is filed with the court, and working with the Executor to negotiate insurance policies, stocks and bonds, closing bank accounts and selling property that is in the deceased person’s name are just some of the tasks that an Estate attorney can assist with.

When in need of an attorney in Washington or Sullivan Indiana, the Feavel Law Firm is the office to contact. Visit website for additional information about each employee and what services an Estates Attorney Sullivan Indiana can provide for you.