How to Revamp Traditional Fundraising Ideas

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Many different fundraising ideas have withstood the test of time and still somehow continue to be successful. Yard sales and bake sales are just two of the many old fundraising techniques that have been used for decades, with continued success. Here are a few tips on how to revamp traditional Fundraising Ideas to make them unique and profitable.

Bake Sale

Many people view the bake sales as the epitome of old Fundraising Ideas that can’t possible garner any real money for their charity. By failing to realize the profitability of this tried and true fundraising method, people will opt for left of center ideas that are unorganized and disastrous to say the least. The best way to modernize the bake sale is by specializing in one certain product, like Otis Spunkmeyer cookies for instance. This will be an easy way for you to keep the confusion on pricing and inventory to a minimum, while appealing to the lovers of this product.

You should focus a lot on the marketing of the sale by using different sources of advertising. The invention of social media has given many people the platform to reach a massive audience with little or no money. Still, traditional advertising methods such as flyers and pamphlets are effective also. You should think about focusing your bake sale around a larger event, like a fall festival or carnival. This will allow you attract a wider array of potential customers which will allow for maximum profitability.

Yard Sale

You should start the planning of your yard sale by discussing who your target audience will be. Old dishes and home ware will attract an older crowd, while art and electronics will help you get a much younger demographic. You should also be picky on the type of items you are selling and try to develop a theme for your yard sale. Christmas time or Halloween themes are very popular and easy to find appropriate items.

By revamping older Fundraising Ideas, you will be giving a nod to the past, while adding a taste of the future. Be sure to get a good team of volunteers around you to help you as much as possible. You should offer to buy lunch or dinner for your team to keep moral up and also to show your appreciation for their hard work.