About Long-Term Care Services

by | Oct 29, 2013 | Health

In-home care Certified Senior Helpers Of Louisville, KY provide aging residents including personal care through hygiene and feeding assistance. Home care services with housekeeping and pet care. Acti-Kare focuses on giving their senior patients companionship’s through continuous outings and events. They also provide much needed transportation for errands, appointments and worship services. Long-term care involves several different options to choose from depending on what the upcoming senior resident and the family desires includes.

Assisted Living Facility: This type of facility focuses on combining housing, support service and proper healthcare in a residential setting.

Nursing Home: This is a type of residence required for people who need constant, around the clock medical care. These type of individual are not able to handle daily living activities.

Home Care: This type of home care is directly delivered in the elderly person’s home as a means of helping the individual in their daily lives that they have difficulty completely.

Certified senior home care helper focuses on providing a long list of caregiver services available for each senior care citizens. Social interaction is encouraged especially for aging seniors who are living alone and may not receive as many visitors from family and friends. The companion care services offers companionship and assistance on a daily basis with daily activities. The companion service helps the aging member with hobbies such as games, gardening, scrapbooks, news, sports and more. The certified senior home care helper helps the individual with housekeeping duties such as laundry, ironing, dusting, vacuuming, washing dishes, meal preparation, and caring for pets and plants.

Personal care services helps with all the non-medical and intimate needs for the aging senior. These include handling personal hygiene, reminders for medications, assistance with walking, and meal planning along with monitoring the individual’s diet. The certified home care helpers are able to closely monitor the aging individual’s progress and assess their overall health. Care for Alzheimer and dementia patients by using programs to increase their memory, medication supervised, and continuously promoting a positive environment for all senior patients.

An in-home care certified senior care helper has the ability to help the elderly through various services including personal hygiene, feeding assistance, gardening and basic housekeeping.

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