Above Ground Pool Chemicals: What are they and why should you care?

Swimming Pools and Spas

There are many people who will go for above ground pools and the reason behind that is that they are much cheaper to maintain compared to inground pools. However, regardless of what type of pool you will go with, the risks of their contamination will remain the same, which means that in this case, you’ll need to consider some pretty good Above Ground Pool Chemicals. When using these chemicals, you’ll make it impossible for algae to thrive by sanitizing the pool. Chlorine, which is an effective and popular sanitizer, keeps the pool safe and sanitary for swimmers, while Algaecides kill and prevent algae. Below you’ll learn more about using Above Ground Pool Chemicals.

1. If you have purchased the chemicals already, then you’ll need to prepare them for usage. This means you’ll have to place the chemical jug or bottle onto flat ground and then proceed with unscrewing the cap. Next, be sure you’ll puncture the safety seal underneath.

2. While walking around the pool’s outer edge, you should pour the chemicals directly into your pool. In order to keep the chemical circulates properly, you should make sure you spread it widely when pouring it into the pool.

3. The pool at this point will have to be circulated for a minimum of 2 hours, as this will ensure the chemical has spread into the pool and that the water has been treated. For specific circulation times, you should refer to the instruction label the chemicals came with.

How to Use Dry Chemicals

However, it might be that you have dry chemicals and in this regard, using them is simpler than you can imagine. To do so, you’ll have to partially fill a five gallon bucket with water. The dry chemical will have to be poured into the bucket and then the mixture will have to be stirred until the chemicals dissolved. Next, the contents should be poured into the pool water, but be sure you concentrate the mixture in one area. For the un-dissolved chemical that has settled on the bottom of your pool, all you have to do is brush it with a pool brush that comes with a brush attachment and that’s it!