Understanding Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry in Winlock, WA


Individuals are often confused when they hear the terms restorative and cosmetic Dentistry in Winlock Wa, and it is easy to see why this is the case. The difference between the two isn’t in the procedure being done, but in why it is being carried out. For example, a dental implant used to replace a tooth that was knocked out due to a trauma would fall under the category of restorative dentistry. In contrast, a dental implant replacing a tooth lost to decay would be considered cosmetic dentistry, as the procedure was being done to improve the appearance of the smile.

Restorative dentistry, in general, is those procedures that are used to diagnose and repair teeth that are damaged, missing or diseased. In addition, restorative treatments do the same for the structures that support the teeth. The goal is to restore the full function and structure of the patient’s dentition. Although the aesthetics of the mouth may improve as a result of this work, that isn’t the main objective. The work is being done to ensure the health and functionality of the patient’s teeth and bite are at optimal levels.

In contrast, cosmetic Dentistry in Winlock Wa focuses on improving the appearance of a person’s smile. This dentist typically does restorative work as part of his or her duties, but has undergone additional training in smile design and various treatments used to improve the aesthetics of a person’s mouth. With this training, the dentist is able to help the patient obtain a smile that will not only improve their appearance, but will boost their self confidence in the process.

When a patient goes to choose a dentist, he or she needs to consider which procedures they will most likely need to achieve their desired results. Once this has been determined, the decision as to whether to use a restorative dentist or a cosmetic one becomes much easier. As many restorative dentists have undergone this additional training, however, be sure to ask which procedures they are trained in. Some may be surprised to find the dentist they have been using for years can help with any cosmetic work they would like to have done.