The Importance of Good Backhoe Maintenance

Construction and Maintenance

Whether you own your equipment or need occasional backhoe rentals in Los Angeles, proper maintenance is essential for getting the most from your machines. Excavation equipment sees a great deal of heavy work, and it needs constant care and maintaining. Here are some maintenance tips for keeping your equipment in the best possible condition.

Educating Your Operators

The best way to avoid abusing your equipment is to properly train the operators. You should always give new operators a complete training program before letting them run your machines. This is important for experienced operators too because not all machines work the same. For example, when you need temporary machines, your backhoe rentals company in Los Angeles may not always have the same equipment available, and operators must know how to use all models.

The Importance of Walk-Around Inspections

Before using a machine, the operator should carefully check it out. For instance, something as quick and simple as a walk-around inspection can find bad tires or leaks in the hydraulic system. Also, check to make sure tires are properly inflated and not worn out.

In some cases, a hose connection may need tightening, or a part needs replacing, and it’s best to take care of these things before you get started, to avoid interruptions in service. If you notice a major problem with a machine, your backhoe rentals service in Los Angeles can get you a replacement machine quickly.

Safety Tips

 * Check for power lines and trees before digging.

 * Make sure there are no buried electrical, gas pipes, or water lines in the area.

 * Always lower the bucket and turn off the motor before leaving the machine.

 * Never let people ride on the machine or the bucket.

 * Don’t let workers near the equipment while it’s running.

 * When the machine develops problems (like hydraulic leaks) shut it down.

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