Tips For Choosing a Facility For Storage In Lacey, WA

Transportation and Logistics

When people are trying to choose the right facility for Storage In Lacey Wa, they have plenty of local options. It’s important to find the right place for the precious furniture, treasured knick-knacks, prized collections, and other items that just won’t fit in the current home. To make sure a storage facility is the right option for all these important personal items, consider the following tips.

Look for Great Customer Service

Choosing a good facility for Storage In Lacey Wa should start with selecting a place that offers great customer service. Ask the manager or owner of a storage facility if they offer hands-on customer service. How can customers get in touch with the facility manager or owner when they need to? At the very least, there should be a phone contact number where customers can leave a message to get their concerns and questions addressed promptly. Some managers or owners even give customers their personal phone numbers to make contact in case of an emergency at the storage facility.

Consider the Cleanliness

The office at the storage facility can be a great indicator of how well the whole place is kept. Look for a clean office that is well organized. This shows the owner and manager take pride in the facility and they’ll make sure the items entrusted to them are taken care of properly.

Ask About Pest Control

Pest control is something people who live in houses and apartments need to worry about, and it’s no different for a business. A storage facility should have regular pest control prevention performed. This includes things like spraying for insects and checking for vermin. After all, a few rats can do a huge amount of damage if they’re able to work their way into a storage unit. Prevention is key when it comes to keeping everything in the storage facility clean and safe.

Consider Security Level

All storage units have some level of security, but it’s important to know this can vary considerably. How many checkpoints does a person need to get through before they have access to the storage units? An ideal storage unit will have a computerized gate as well as extra layers of security protecting the individual units. It’s worth a little extra money to get good security.