Undergoing Tailored Orthopedic Care in Arlington Heights for Fast Healing


An injury or illness to your muscular or skeletal system can bring your normal life to a halt. Your normal daily activities are replaced with limited movement and significant pain. You require specialized medical attention to get back on your feet.

Rather than go to a doctor who uses a universal approach to healing patients, you should instead seek treatment from a doctor who specializes in orthobiologics in Arlington Heights. This physician can come up with a plan of treatment that is unique to the condition from which you suffer.

Surgical Approach

A doctor who practices in orthobiologics in Arlington Heights could recommend that you undergo surgery to heal from your illness or injury. If your situation warrants, you could benefit more from going through surgery on your bones or muscles rather than undergoing physical therapy or intensive rehabilitation.

The surgeon will devise an individualized plan for operating on the affected area. He or she could prioritize making the smallest incision possible and doing the least amount of work on your bones or muscles in order to help you regain your movement.

Surgery is typically reserved for the most extensive cases of muscular or skeletal injuries, however. Your doctor can tell you in advance if your situation warrants this level of treatment.

Innovative Pain Management

Even after your injury or illness heals, you can still suffer from significant pain in the affected area of your body. Rather than live with chronic pain, you can seek innovative and long-lasting relief from your orthopedic doctor.

Your doctor makes it a priority to ease your discomfort without the use of strong opiates and prescription drugs. You could find relief through physical therapy and rehab.

You can find out more about orthobiologics online. Contact Michael Gitelis M.D. to request more information today.