Types of Respite Care in Sun City, AZ

Home Care

For those unfamiliar with the term respite care, it’s a term used to describe a break given to caregivers. Many people caring for others, whether they are disabled, ill, or elderly, find out that it is a full-time job with no breaks. Hour after hour, they find themselves taking care of a person with little to no help. This is where respite care in Sun City, AZ, comes in to help.

In-Home Respite Care

If you are caring for a loved one in the privacy of your own home and need a break, respite home care will come to you. These in-home providers are great at keeping them company, engaging them in conversation, and just watching over them to ensure they don’t get hurt.

If you need something more, home health aides are great options. These respite home care providers can assist your loved one in bathing, eating, medications, and more. They can also assist with some household chores, including laundry and cooking.

Assisted Living Facilities

Despite what the name suggests, not all assisted living facilities are for seniors who can no longer live independently. Many of these facilities offer short-term rentals for those needing respite care. This situation is often called residential respite care, or in some places, short-term assisted living.

This option is ideal for caregivers who wish to go on vacation for a few weeks. Using residential respite care in Sun City, AZ, ensures your loved one’s needs are met, and they are safe and comfortable in a secure environment. They also provide staffing around the clock, so your loved one is never alone.