The Advantages Of Using A Colocation Data Center

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In the past, companies had the option to host their servers and networks in the building. As the demand for computing power grew, so did the size of these server rooms. This resulted in additional costs, including cooling, ventilation, maintenance, and replacement of components, along with the cost of IT professionals.

These in-house server rooms were limited for performance based on the infrastructure. They were also limited in scalability and lacked the flexibility to respond to sudden computing workflow requirements.

To overcome these issues and to continue to use privately owned servers and networks, companies turned to data centers. Data centers set up secure areas for these private servers and networks and became known as a colocation data center or colo.

Full Control with Full Maintenance

Housing a privately owned server and networking equipment in a colocation data center provides the best of all possible options. The company maintains control over the equipment, which is housed in a secure compound. The security can be customized to meet the needs of the server owner.

Also, the data center provides the IT infrastructure, connection to major internet hubs and carriers, and ensures power supplies and environmental controls to optimize the life cycle of the equipment.

Many of the top colocation data center locations also offer equipment assembly and testing before deployment, monitoring of the system health, equipment maintenance services, and 24/7 support for all technical and operational issues. This saves the business time and money without any of the challenges of in-house servers.

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