Turn Your Company Trucks Into Mobile Billboards


Advertising your business can get expensive and you never know if your advertising reaches your target market. With traditional billboards, you reach thousands of prospective customers every day. However, the location of your billboard is important because if you advertise on a commuter road then you typically reach the same people day in and day out. If your billboard extends above a busy expressway, drivers may not even have the time to read the advertisement and decide if they  need your product or service.

One way to insure that drivers on the road see your advertisements, have the time to read it, and begin remembering your brand is to invest in company truck wraps. Long Island businesses that use box trucks, work trucks, or large delivery trucks can benefit from custom designed truck wraps that advertise the business in a noticeable way.

Custom Graphics and Designs

The great thing about a custom truck wrap is that it’s always working for your business when your trucks are out on the road. Think of the number of people your drivers travel by each day, and the number of people who stop behind and next to your drivers. Eye-catching truck wraps with custom graphics and an engaging form of advertising are the perfect mobile solution for companies who want a different format for advertising. When you design truck wraps, Long Island designers can take your ideas, provide suggestions, and create something that embodies your business and your brand.

Truck Wrap Placement and Usage

When investing in truck wraps, Long Island business owners need to consider the best placement on the truck. For box trucks, wraps that extend around the sides and back are perfect for advertising. If your employees drive traditional pickup trucks,  side wraps work well because there is more space available. The larger the truck, the more you want to utilize available space on the back because one area that drivers will see the most is the back. Remember that truck wraps can work even when your drivers aren’t driving on the road. Anytime your trucks park somewhere, the wraps still advertise for your business. Unlike a traditional billboard that stays in one place, the wraps allow your advertisements to keep moving and reach a larger audience.

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