Downtown Dental in Edmonton: Tips for Dealing with Those Halloween Treats


The leaves are falling and the smell of bonfires is wafting through the air. Not only does that mean fall is upon us, but it also means Halloween is right around the corner. While that may be a time when children get to pretend to be whatever they want to be for a night and get treats, for parents, it’s a true dental concern. With that in mind, read on for some tips from Downtown Dental in Edmonton for dealing with those Halloween treats.

Don’t Make Your Kids Choose

The last thing you want to do is make your kids choose between no cavities and candy. Denying your children treats on Halloween or at any other time can lead to candy deprivation. This means they will be sneaking treats whenever they can and could possibly overeat the treats when they are older and on their own.

Go Through Their Bag Together

When your kids get back from trick-or-treating, sit down with them and go through their bags together. Let them pick 10 pieces of candy from their bags or whatever number you choose to keep. Take the rest and put it up for later or donate it, whichever works best for you.

Set a Treat Time

If you have no problem with your children having the candy they get on Halloween, set a treat time for them to eat some of the candy they were given. Giving them a few pieces of candy a day not only protects their oral health, but also teaches them candy isn’t something to be eaten all day long, every day.

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