Transporting Your Trike


A trike is a fun vehicle to ride. Since it has three wheels instead of two, it provides a bit more stability while you’re riding. If you plan to haul your trike, there are a few tips that you want to keep in mind to protect it as well as your vehicle.

One option is to install a trike carrier on your vehicle. Make certain it is versatile enough to fit any trike. You also need to consider the number of trikes that you’re going to haul as you need to have enough capacity on your vehicle. The carrier also needs to support the weight of the trike. Consider how you’re going to get the trike on and off your vehicle. A trike carrier should be placed where you can easily load and unload the trike rack without putting a lot of strain on your body.

Consider the other items that you’re going to carry on your vehicle aside from your trike. You might need room on top of your vehicle for extra luggage or other pieces of recreational equipment, such as a canoe or a kayak. The carrier should be installed on your vehicle so that it doesn’t interfere with the other items you’re hauling and so that it doesn’t impede your vision while you’re driving. The rack that you choose should be designed to fit the type of vehicle you have as there are some types that might not work with all vehicles, especially smaller cars. A rack that is installed on the back of your vehicle usually provides an easier avenue for getting the trike on and off the carrier. Roof racks are a good option for carrying multiple racks, but you need to ensure that you have the strength needed to get the trike up and down.