The Appeal of Cathedral Length Wedding Veils


Choosing a wedding veil can be confusing. You may not know which length is best for your particular gown or ceremony. There are some considerations to keep in mind when choosing a long veil, such as the cathedral length. Read on to learn more about what this style is, why you may wish to wear it, and why cathedral-length wedding veils may be appealing.

About Long Veils

There are several types of longer-length wedding veils from which to choose. The cathedral-length wedding veil is just one of them. There are lots of reasons a bride may wish to have a long veil on her special day. These accessories may complement the style of her dress, add flair, signify tradition, or simply be well-suited to the occasion. Long veils usually measure about 75″ or more.

Types of Long Veils

There are four popular types of long wedding veils. Each has a different length. The shortest of these is the floor veil, which is 75″ or longer. Next is the chapel veil, which should be at least 90″. Coming in at a significantly longer 144″ is the cathedral veil. Finally, the royal cathedral veil should be at least 180″ in length.

Why Choose a Cathedral-Length Wedding Veil?

Clearly, cathedral-length veils are quite a bit longer than their nearest counterpart, the chapel veil. It’s meant to make a statement. It may not be as versatile as shorter veils because it will take a bit of finesse to move gracefully while wearing it. The sacrifice is well worth it though, as this beautiful type of veil adds drama to a formal gown. It’s perfect for a church or cathedral wedding, as it flows gracefully behind you down the aisle.

Cathedral-length wedding veils are a traditional favorite for the stunning effect they offer. They’re a lovely choice for your big day.