Top Reasons Your Loveland Colorado Garage Door Might Break

Garage Doors

It’s not uncommon for homes to need garage door repair in Loveland, Colorado. Most doors take damage over time and need to be repaired in some way.

There are several reasons that a garage door can fail. Most of them are common and easy to fix if you take care of it quickly.

Spring wear and tear

Most garages take a a lot of daily use. The spring on your garage door is working overtime whenever you open or close the door. This type of daily use will eventually wear out the spring and it will need replacing.

If you do not replace the spring as soon as you notice the damage, it can cause more serious problems down the road. Scheduling routine garage door repair in Loveland, Colorado, is key to avoiding bigger issues.

Worn out hinges and hardware

If hinges are not kept properly lubricated with the correct type of oil, they will be more likely to wear out quickly or cause metal on metal rubbing that can further damage cables and shafts. Hinges that are kept lubricated can help your garage door last for many years.

Broken rollers

The rollers on your garage door are another important working component of your garage door. If one roller is weakened or damaged, it can put additional strain on the other rollers, causing even more potential damage.

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