Habits That Create a Need for AC Repair in Sarasota, FL

HVAC Contractor

Technicians working in the heating and cooling industry know that many of their customers have bad habits in regard to the use of their central air conditioner. Those habits reduce energy efficiency and lead to higher electric bills. Some of these behaviors may even be hard on the equipment and result in a need for AC repair in Sarasota, FL.

Lack of Maintenance

Some homeowners have trouble accepting that annual maintenance for the central air system is necessary. Unfortunately, seldom or never having the equipment cleaned or adjusted may eventually lead to a need for AC repair in Sarasota, FL. This neglect also may require replacing the system sooner than would otherwise have been necessary.

Not Replacing the Filter

Changing the air filter is another aspect of maintenance because the system must work harder to force air through a clogged filter. A good strategy is to check the filter on the first of each month and evaluate its condition. Replace the filter if it’s dirty.

Using Heat-Generating Appliances

It’s best to avoid running heat-generating appliances when the central air is on. This cannot always be avoided, especially in a long stretch of hot weather, but sometimes the home’s schedule can be adjusted. Instead of baking food in the oven on a hot day, that’s a good time to choose cool meals or to heat foods in the microwave. Using the clothes dryer might be avoided too.

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