Tips for Finding Dog Boarding in Chicago, IL


No matter how much we would all love to, sometimes it’s just not possible to take your dog everywhere that you go. Some trips require that you be pet free and that leaves you searching for Dog Boarding in Chicago, IL options. You are of course nervous about leaving your family pet behind, and not even sure what kennel to choose. Below you will find some tips to help you get the best Dog Boarding in Chicago IL options available for your pet, as well as your peace of mind.

The first thing you want to do is always trust your senses when visiting a kennel. If something just doesn’t feel right, then it probably isn’t and you need to move on to the next kennel on your list.

You want any kennel that you are considering to be neat and orderly. This includes the inside and outside of the kennel. If there is any part of the kennel that the owners steer you away from, it’s time to move on. The kennel should be an open book, with no sights or smells that turn your stomach. A well-run kennel should have no doggie poo smells and should have good ventilation as well.

You want the temperature inside the kennel to be just right, not to warm and not too cold. You keep the temperature just right at home, and it should be in your dog’s vacation spot as well.

Ask how often the kennel is cleaned and ask to see the outdoor running area, if you are denied that request move on to the next kennel on your list. If the kennel owner doesn’t ask about your dog’s overall health and shots, it should raise a red flag. That means he isn’t asking other pet owner’s either, and that could be dangerous to your dog’s health.

Once you have decided on the proper kennel, you will want to make sure and bring your dog’s favorite toys and bones. You need to act positive as well, when you drop him off, because if you are upset he will sense it, and react badly to the kennel as well.

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