There is no question that nothing gets you into the Christmas spirit more than putting up the festive decorations at your home or office. The entire process can be enjoyable for your entire family and let you spend quality time together. Some tips to help you decorate with artificial Christmas garland, and ensure that your home is seasonally festive, read more.

The place you should begin is the first impression of a room when you walk in. This should be highlighted with garland, Santa’s, candles and any other décor you may have. When you choose pre-decorated or pre-lit garlands, it will help to enhance the Christmas colors that exude the holiday spirit.
While you can choose between real or fake garland options, the fake option is much less expensive and is a decoration that you can continue to use year after year.

Garland can be placed on the top of your mantel, around your home’s door arches or it can even wind down the banister of your staircase. It will create a visual appeal for the entire home. In most cases, it will take about 8 to 9 feet of garland to line a standard mantel or doorway. The great thing about decorating with garland is that you can use it year round to add a splash of unique décor to any room. It is relatively affordable to buy, so you will be able to get multiple colors that can be changed out easily throughout the year.

Transforming Your Garland

If you did not happen to purchase oversized best Christmas garland that fits well with the scale and size of your home, then it is time to transform it into what you need. This can be done quite inexpensively by simply braiding three or more single garlands together. Be sure to keep the braids loose and that you pull each branch open and apart to create a fuller effect.

Another way that you can effectively transform your garland is to adding bows, flowers, ornaments, accessories or lights. When you decide to add the lights you should be sure that the plug is on the proper side of the garland prior to finishing the project; otherwise you will have to completely redo it. Other options you can weave into the garland include artificial fruit, flowers or wire ribbon. This creates a unique look that will enhance your other Christmas Decorations.