Flower Fresh Marketing: Ideas for Your Floral Shop


Owning your own business is an up and down roll a coaster of profit and loss. Marketing your business to your local community is the most efficient ways to make your endeavor successful. There are many different techniques to be used by Florists in St. Louis to grow sales. The following are a few different marketing ideas to get your business back on track and selling more than ever.

Free How to Classes

Instructional classes are a great way to showcase your talents as a Florist St. Louis to prospective customers. These how to events will help to inform participants of basic floral arranging techniques, as well as giving them a glance into the inner workings of your business. You can also teach proper care techniques for flowers and give advice on how to start or maintain a flower garden. Offering a class once a month and offering coupons to the participants is a great way to stir up new business and get new loyal customers. Whether you are Florist in St. Louis or a Southern Floral Shop, this technique can be very successful in bringing attention to your business.

Everyday Love Packages

Many couples like to show their affection for their significant other everyday not just on pre-determined holidays. Offering a beautiful arrangement as an everyday love offering can really bring in new customers to your business. You can even offer a promotion where you can deliver flowers and lunch to their loved one to show how much they care about them. This technique is utilized all over the country and has a very high success rate. You can advertise this promotion in print publications and in social media websites to make sure the highest numbers of people know about the packages you are offering.

Recording Your Own Web Advertisement

The cost of a television commercial is often too much for a small business owner. The advent of web commercials has opened the door to a much cheaper, but just as effective way of advertising. By having a willing staff and a quality digital camcorder, you will be able to create your own advertisement that can showcase your business and the services that you offer.