Reliable Flower Delivery in Indianapolis


Flowers have been highly regarded and used in every culture around the world for specific purposes. Some were used as protection against evil spirits, others were used in special ceremonies while still others came to symbolize everything from power to love. Flowers were often exceptionally valuable, in fact Tulips were once worth more in Holland than gold. Many plants and flowers have been used in recipes and for medicinal purposes against some of history’s most heinous illnesses like the bubonic plague. Modern society rarely uses flowers to ward off evil spirits or cure the plague, but flowers still hold important meanings in everyday life. In addition to their symbols as gifts of love, nearly every flower has its own specific meaning.

The average man who chooses to send flowers to someone should be particularly careful in case she happens to be savvy in their meanings. For instance he may want to thank a coworker for helping with a project. He will be alright if he sends a pink carnation which shows gratitude but a bouquet of lavender, often a symbol of distrust, may not fare so well. Likewise, his girlfriend may appreciate a beautiful bunch of yellow tulips signifying he is hopelessly in love, but sending that same bouquet to his sister may cause a few to roll their eyes. Many florists are skilled at creating just the right bouquet using the correct flowers to express the emotion you want to share. This is often easier than trying to sift through everything all on your own.

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