Three Types Of Ants That Require The Services Of An Ant Exterminator In Tacoma

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Ants are a common insect that individuals often spot inside their home. An ant infestation can be very bothersome for individuals and certain types of ants can cause damage to the home. Read the information below to learn about three different kinds of ants that often infest a home and when to call an Ant Exterminator in Tacoma.

Carpenter Ants

These kinds of ants often invade the home and once inside they’ll build nests, which subsequently causes an infestation. These ants prefer wet, damaged wood and when they get into the house, they’ll look for a source of moisture, such as water leaking from a pipe underneath the kitchen sink. These ants use deteriorated wood to construct their nests.

If a home is infested with these ants, individuals may notice an accumulation of wood shavings in areas where the ants have burrowed into wood structures. To rid the home of the infestation, individuals should contact an exterminator before the ants cause considerable damage to the home.

Odorous House Ants

These ants infest a home to build their nests, while looking for moisture and food. Odorous house ants are typically discovered in the kitchen and when individuals smash them, they emit a foul odor. These ants build their nests in a variety of places around the home including underneath the carpeting, in the crevices of walls or close to water pipes.

Individuals will see them both during the day and at night as they forage for sweets, fruits, vegetables and meat. It’s not uncommon for odorous ant colonies to have over 100,000 members, so it’s essential to contact a pest control professional as soon as possible.

Red Imported Fire Ants

Fire ants are commonly found outdoors instead of in the home, but these ants will sting humans if given the chance and the sting is very painful. Fire ant mounds are large and so are their colonies, which can reach a long distance underground. Whenever individuals spot fire ants on their property, they should immediately contact a professional Ant Exterminator in Tacoma.

Individuals who have an ant problem should contact All Seasons Pest Control for quick and reliable service. Ants can populate very quickly and pose a threat to family members in the home.