3 Reasons You Should be Considering an Artificial Lawn in Tampa Bay

Artificial Grass

Ready to pull out the lawn mower for the season? If you had an artificial lawn in Tampa Bay, you could cover the lawn mower and leave it covered. More and more people across the country are choosing an artificial lawn instead of traditional natural grass. The fact is artificial grass is a good option for everyone.

Consider These 3 Reasons

The fact is that the environment is struggling, not just in Tampa but around the globe. Between green house gas emissions and a lack of conservation, the environment is taking a beating. One of the biggest reasons to choose fake grass instead of natural grass is to do your part to preserve the environment. With an artificial lawn in Tampa Bay, you can put away your gas-powered equipment and forget about pesticides and fertilizers. The other two reasons you should consider artificial turf are:

1. Less overall cost
2. Less work and stress

The Cost

It will cost you more upfront to install a synthetic grass area, but it pays for itself in a short period in water cost savings, fertilizer cost savings, weed and feeds cost savings and the overall maintenance cost. The cost savings is realized quickly. If you are a do it yourself homeowner and get out there and sweat over your lawn you can add time savings to the list of costs you save.

Less Work and Stress

Even if you have the best lawn company in town caring for your lawn there is always the possibility that your lawn will not “make it”. A natural lawn, is always a work in progress. It always requires care season after season and there is never a guarantee that you are going to get a lush green oasis. Easy Turf guarantees that your lawn will be lush and green after you have natural looking and feeling artificial grass installed!