One reason for the end of the so-called dark ages and the dramatic changes during the Renaissance was the invention of the printing press. Some 500 years later, average consumers can buy Lexmark Printers in Milwaukee WI and print reams of paper right in their own homes. Even just a couple of generations ago, the possibility that one day so many ordinary people would have personal computers and printers in their apartments and houses seemed completely out of reach.

The Printing Revolution

With the advent of the printing press, books became widely available, at least compared to what had been the case previously. Writers of books began tackling topics other than religion, something else that was relatively uncommon before that. In today’s world, a person can write and print an entire book on Lexmark Printers in Milwaukee WI, sending the hard copy to a prospective publisher.

An Endless Need for Print

Although electronic text has become remarkably widespread, there’s no end in sight for the need to have printed material. Consumers still buy enormous numbers of books, magazines, and newspapers. Retailers have advertising inserts printed every week, and religious organizations print copies of their worship service program. Schools and charitable organizations seeking donations from alumni and members often print letters on customized stationery to send through the mail.

Aspiring musicians buy sheet music, and people send greeting cards to their friends and family members. Printing out cards from online sources and sending them by postal mail is a popular activity. There’s just something more special about receiving a card that can be held and set out for viewing.

Photographs also are still routinely desired in a hard copy form. People can use their digital camera cards and home printers to produce high-quality imagery they can frame and place around their homes or give as presents.

Types of Printing Devices

Dot matrix printers are still used when organizations need to print multi-copy documents, but laser and inkjet printers are the norms for individual, business, and institutional use. All these devices can be purchased from a supplier such as Rhyme, which has been selling office equipment and supplies since 1945. Learn more about us at the website.