A heat pump is a great tool for warming and cooling a home. Unfortunately, these units never get a break since they are responsible for both actions, year-round. Regular maintenance can help offset the heavy workload seasons; there will eventually come a time when homeowners will be better off to simply replace the system than to continue with the repairs. There are several signs to look for to know it is time to replace the heat pump when dealing with Heating Repair in Appleton WI.

Spike in Energy Bill

A sudden increase in the monthly utility bill is the first indication that it’s time to have the heating and cooling device checked out. A unit with some age on it will have to run much longer to produce the needed results. As the parts continue to wear, the problem will only get worse.


Many times, as a heat pump gets older, the temperatures in the home are no longer even. Some rooms might be warm while others require residents to bundle up. If repairs have been made and this is still a problem, the system is probably on its last leg.

Regular Problems

An occasional breakdown is normal with any home appliance. However, if you seem to be calling for Heating Repair in Appleton WI every month or so, it might be time to call it quits. When a heat pump is in good condition, they will typically only require repairs every couple of years on average. So, there are automatic savings in purchasing a new heat pump.

For those with heat pumps having any of these or other problems that just won’t go away, it could be time to update the unit. Contact Bob’s Quality Heating And Cooling, where they will provide the best solutions to meet the specific needs of the homeowners. One thing that truly sets them apart from the competition is their record of service and customer satisfaction. Understanding that referrals and word of mouth are a surefire way to be successful, the technicians and contractors make it a point to make the best possible impression on their customers.