The Process of Choosing and Tending to a Gravestone After Funeral Services in Milford, OH

Funeral Services

After all the details have been arranged for Funeral Services in Milford, OH, the family still has some tasks to complete after the service has been held and time moves on. If the deceased person was buried in a cemetery, the family will most likely want to order a gravestone to respectfully identify the space and provide a lasting memorial for their loved one.

Decorations: Flowers

After the headstone has been designed, crafted, and placed by an organization like Dodds Memorials, the family now can add items to the location as they wish. Most commonly, bouquets of realistic looking plastic flowers are placed in front or adhered to the top with wire.

Real flowers are desirable for this purpose, of course, but they last for such a short time that plastic has become standard. Immediately following Funeral Services in Milford, OH, the family might want to place a bouquet or two of real flowers that were sent for the service. Afterward, if any family members live somewhat close to the cemetery, they might want to plant flowers by the headstone. They’ll be able to tend to those plants regularly.

Visiting the Site

People often find it comforting to visit the gravesite, even though at first, their grief makes this very difficult. As months and years pass, going to the cemetery brings a sense of solace. They appreciate being able to continue removing the old floral displays and placing new ones. Some decorate the gravestone specially at Christmastime.

This routine type of decorating a gravestone isn’t easy or even possible for all families. Often, nobody lives nearby, so one person might make the trek once each year to place the new floral bouquet. Even if this cannot be done, the family feels some peace of mind that they have memorialized their loved one with the funeral, the place in the cemetery and the beautiful granite gravestone.

Sometimes a group of relatives can gather in town and visit the cemetery together. This also is a comforting process as they renew their relationships with one another and express their never-ending love for the family member who is no longer here.