Hiring the Right Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Lawyers in Lake Worth FL


Hiring the right attorney to represent you concerning bankruptcy is a very important decision. Before the initial consultation with your Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Lawyers in Lake Worth FL, take some time out to research their reputation and credentials. Gaining insight into prospective attorneys can be very tough, but word of mouth referrals are very useful in this case. Colleagues, friends and family that have used bankruptcy counsel successfully before can be vital in you getting out of financial trouble. Here are some questions you should ask your prospective attorney:

1. What areas of bankruptcy does the attorney work best in (Is it Ch.7, Ch. 11 or Ch. 13)?

2. Do you and your office have a strong support staff? If so, will they be available to answer my questions when the case is being handled?

3. How many cases (concerning bankruptcy and otherwise) is your office handling at the moment? Will my case have enough attention to warrant a good outcome?

4. How many years experience does the attorney and the firm have in handling bankruptcy cases?

5. Will the lawyer or firm also help clients who are seeking to readjust their mortgage?

6. Does the office have decent flexibility concerning after hours or weekend hours if a client needs to see their attorney beyond normal business hours?

7. Will the Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Lawyers in Lake Worth FL file motions on behalf of the client to stop liens, credit reporting and real estate valuations?

8. What is the type of bankruptcy software the firm uses to prepare bankruptcy petitions and determine creditors? (Note that many attorneys do not use these tools).

9. How long is the turnaround time when obtaining financial information, preparing petitions and related documents, and then filing the bankruptcy case?

10. What kind of payment plans are there, if any, for your services?

Keep in mind that you and your attorney will be working together very closely during the entire bankruptcy process. Selecting Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Lawyers in Lake Worth FL that you can trust and can talk with freely is very important. The first consultation should give you plenty of valuable insight as to whether he or she is the right person to handle your case, so make sure to ask every question that is on your mind.