When to Take Your Dog to Animal hospital Olathe KS

by | Jun 7, 2019 | Animal hospital

Your dog can’t tell you when he isn’t feeling well, so you need to use your best judgement to take him to an Dog Clinic Olathe KS. Although emergency vet fees are higher than an office visit during regular hours, it may save your dog’s life.

Before you go to the emergency clinic, try calling your vet to ask his advice. Some vet office’s have an after hours answering service that can page the doctor. A receptionist or vet at the emergency clinic can also help you decide if you need to get your pet in to be seen right away.

Be careful looking on the Internet for pet health information. If you do look online, make sure you only look at reputable sites that your vet recommends.

Some illnesses and injuries can wait until the next day, but you need to use your best judgment when your dog is acting anxious. If he is pacing or running to you, trying to vomit or as a swollen stomach, it could be the sign of something serious. Call your vet or get your dog to the emergency vet hospital right away.

The following are signs that your dog needs seen in Falcon Valley Animal Hospital right away:

  • Trying to vomit

  • Can not breathe well

  • Coughing a lot

  • Restless

  • Heart rate over 160 beats per minute

  • Pale gums

  • Whimpering in pain

  • Can not move

  • Swollen abdomen

  • Can not walk

  • Large amounts of bleeding

  • Trauma or serious injury

  • Dragging legs when walking

  • Ingested a poison

  • Bulging eyeballs

  • Blood in urine

  • Strains or seems in pain when urinating

Do not avoid taking your dog to the emergency hospital because you fear a large bills. Some vet clinics let you make payment arrangements. If the care is out of your budget, talk to the vet about what else you can do. There may be less expensive treatments available or clinics that offer services at a reduced rate.

Your dog can’t tell you when he needs to see a vet or when he is in pain, so you should pay close attention to your dog’s behavior. Call your vet as soon as you notice that your pet is acting strange, and you may be able to avoid an emergency visit. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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