The Move Back To Traditional Iron Sights


There will always be those individuals as well as those manufacturers that look to technology and advancements in optics to develop a more effective and efficient option in aiming any type of gun. There are also those who turn to the traditional sighting options, particularly iron sights and use technology and the latest in research to continue to refine and enhance the component.

Most of the shooting enthusiasts today are comfortable with using the optics and scopes that are commonplace in gun shops and outdoor sports shows and trade fairs around the country. Perhaps surprisingly, the demand for the latest in models and designs in iron sights are also picking up, allowing gun owners to have a scope as their primary option and the classic Back Up Iron Sights (BUIS) as their secondary.

Iron Sight Options

Depending on the type of long gun there will be a variety of different options of iron sights that can be installed. Flip up front sights on the gas block are very popular. They are typically designed for specific weapons to provide the correct elevation, just be sure to verify the sight is the correct fit for your particular gun.

The flip up sights have a range of different design options. A full circle hood on the sight is ideal for quickly being able to find the target within a focused area of vision. These sights will also be designed to lock into position when they are flipped up, ensuring accuracy with each shot.

There are also sights with crossbolts and those that mount directly to the rail. Rear sights can also be flip up in design or mounted to the rail. For those that want to have a more traditional look to the weapon, a fixed rear and front sight gives a classic look while also building in accuracy for sighting.